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    Prepping for the High School Musical - URINETOWN


    HS Tech Crew Meeting

    **TODAY** Thursday 3/23 at 3:15pm


    For HS Tech Crew Details -->  Click Here




    High School (9th-12th) interested in working on Tech for your Musical in April should contact Denise  via email  HS - Tech at verizon dot net.

    Click here for Joining details!


    2016-2017 Show Schedule
         November 4 and 5, 7PM ------------ 4th Grade Musical,  Laurie Walton
         November 18 and 19, 7PM  --------- HS Play, "Almost Maine",  Rachel Wineberg
         January 19, 7PM  -------------------- Playwrights Festival,  Rachel Wineberg
         January 20 and 21, 7PM ------------ 7/8th Grade Musical,  Laurie Walton
         February 3 and 4, 7PM -------------- 5th Grade Musical,  Jon Riss
         March 3 and 4, 7PM ----------------- 7/8th Grade One Acts,  Rachel Wineberg
         March 17 and 18, 7PM--------------- 6th Grade Musical,  Jon Riss
         April 21 and 22, 7PM ---------------- HS Musical,  Laurie Walton 
                  and 23, 1PM


    Anyone interested in join the crew should send your contact information via email.  You can email me via:  HS - Tech @ verizon . net  (remove the spaces)  Let me know if you have a prefered area of tech.

    Denise, Technical Director