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  • Updated 02/17/17


    Currently:  7th/8th Grade One Acts are in Dry Tech this Week

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    TODAY (Friday) 2/17– 3:15pm-5pm Stop Watch Rehearsal – Deck Crew, Props, ASM and Stage Manager must attend this rehearsal. (Maxwell, Charlie, Thatcher, Sophia F, Julie, Ying, Sophia M, Adin)

    We start at the first scene and set up the stage. We look over the next scene and decide who moved what and we run the change with a stop watch, if the change is under 20 seconds we move on to the next change.seconds.  If it is longer then 20seconds, we re-set the first scene, talk about what went wrong and try again.  We will repeat as many times as it takes to get the scene under 20 seconds.  The rehearsal ends when all scene changes are under 20 seconds. We have 12 scenes, but only 10 changes that deck crew needs to learn and make happen under the 20 seconds.



    Coming up after the One Acts... 6th Grade Musical "Singing in the Rain"  8-12th graders interested in helping should email Denise.  Parents of interested 6th grade crew members should check out the crew web page.  Click Here

    6th Graders interested in working on Tech for your Musical in March should contact Denise  via email  HS - Tech at verizon dot net.



    High School (9th-12th) interested in working on Tech for your Musical in April should contact Denise  via email  HS - Tech at verizon dot net.

    Click here for Joining details!


    2016-2017 Show Schedule
         November 4 and 5, 7PM ------------ 4th Grade Musical,  Laurie Walton
         November 18 and 19, 7PM  --------- HS Play, "Almost Maine",  Rachel Wineberg
         January 19, 7PM  -------------------- Playwrights Festival,  Rachel Wineberg
         January 20 and 21, 7PM ------------ 7/8th Grade Musical,  Laurie Walton
         February 3 and 4, 7PM -------------- 5th Grade Musical,  Jon Riss
         March 3 and 4, 7PM ----------------- 7/8th Grade One Acts,  Rachel Wineberg
         March 17 and 18, 7PM--------------- 6th Grade Musical,  Jon Riss
         April 21 and 22, 7PM ---------------- HS Musical,  Laurie Walton 
                  and 23, 1PM


    Anyone interested in join the crew should send your contact information via email.  You can email me via:  HS - Tech @ verizon . net  (remove the spaces)  Let me know if you have a prefered area of tech.

    Denise, Technical Director