Flex Editor

Hi, Everyone --
This is a big year -- Les Mis School Edition is a moving and complex production. Plus, it's Laurie's 10th year doing shows in Hastings! And we have a very talented group of students in this cast, most of whom have worked with Laurie as their Director in numerous wonderfully successful shows. But this is a very short production schedule -- we now have less than six weeks till we open.
So we're going to need lots of help from you parents -- not necessarily with the Set, although we'll let you know of the schedule for painting in case you want to join in. Costumes will be partly rented, partly provided from our growing stock of collected pieces, and partly requested by Laurie for pieces we'll need cast members to provide. Some Props will be rented, but most will need to come from people's homes -- Laurie and the tech crew will circulate a list, hopefully an eventual part of the google doc below -- and we'd like to start using them asap.
The rest of the help will involve all the smaller but critical tasks of putting the show together, including providing lots of Food for the Cast and Crew, both for Tech Week and the Cast Party. With that in mind, I'm attaching the Production Google Doc, and the Sheets for Food contributions.
Please read through it and offer what you can within all of the tasks, including the Sheets at the bottom of the doc. Every task is important and every dinner needs to be full to help cast, crew, and adults make the best of Tech Week.
Thanks in advance for all your help, and if you can't access the doc (b/c you don't participate in Google docs), please write me and i'll add your email address to the permissions for the doc. All this will also be posted on my page on the website.
Wendy Kaiser, (volunteer) Production Liaison 
(please copy this link into your browser if it doesn't work as a link)
And reach me any time at wendyskaiser@gmail.com or cell: 914-325-0886 Texts are fine, but please include your student's name.