Second Grade

March 13, 2017

    We completed our intensive work with place value and the addition and subtraction algorithms.  We will continue to work with and reinforce these concepts throughout the remainder of the school year.  Last week we began our new math unit, an introduction to multiplication.  The students will be introduced to the concept of multiplication through the ideas of multiple groupings, repeated addition and arrays.

    During our reading work over the course of the next several weeks, the students will read nonfiction texts generally connected to our social studies work with symbols of the United States.  Reading groups will become “experts” on one particular symbol and provide a presentation to the rest of the class.  Our work with nonfiction is an outgrowth of our introductory nonfiction unit in January and early February.  At the completion of this unit around the time of the vacation, the students will continue to read nonfiction as part of their reading group instruction.  It will eventually include titles related to insects as part of our final science unit.



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