• Compact for Learning and Building Leadership Teams

    The Compact for Learning is a guiding document for shared planning and decision making within the school district. The primary focus of the Compact is to improve the educational experience for all students in the school, regardless of such factors as socioeconomic status, race, sex, language background, or disability.

    We value our partners in education and our Compact reflects how we work together as a school community to abide by the commissioner's regulation. In our District, we call our shared decision making teams BLTs: Building Leadership Teams. There is a team in each school, operating under the leadership of the school principal. The Compact for Learning is the document that provides the guidelines and ground rules for these teams.

    Download the Compact for Learning here.


    Members of the HHS BLT:


    Louis Adipietro, Principal

    Melissa Hardesty, Assistant Principal



    Greg Smith



    Leo Brescia



     Amanda Lang

    Maureen Lennon Santana

    Douglas Rushkoff