• teacher Welcome to the Magical World of  Kindergarten!
    Kindergarteners begin to explore a whole new world as they enter Hillside.  Our children revel in the excitement of exploring and understanding their new environment; making lots of friends, playing in developmental centers and indulging in learning using a multi-sensory, hand-on approach.  It is thrilling to see the wonderful growth our children make over the course of this year!  I am delighted to teach these beautiful inquiring Kindergarten minds!
    Below is the schedule of our specials:
    A Day - P.E. 
    B Day - P.E. & Library
    C Day - Art
    D Day - Makerspace & P.E.
    E Day - STEAM & Music
    F Day -Music 
  • Hi, I'm Tasnim Nagrath.  I have had the greatest pleasure of being a Kindergarten Teacher for the past nine years.  I am excited to teach the Kindergarten again this year.  Prior to teaching Kindergarten, I taught First Grade for fourteen years.  Working at Hillside Elementary School has been a very rewarding and enriching experience for me!
    Tasnim Nagrath
    120 Lefurgy Avenue
    Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706