• Strategic Plan



    This Strategic Plan is the culmination of nearly three years and thousands of hours of work. In interviews, open forums, a planning retreat, committee meetings and Board meetings, members of the Hastings school community voiced their hopes and concerns for the future of our schools. The result is a shared vision of our priorities for the coming decade, achieved through a collaborative, consensus-building - if sometimes cumbersome - process.

    A number of recurring themes led to the development of eight strategic goals for the District. What follows is a brief description of each goal and the work the Strategic Planning Committee has identified as essential to enable the District to achieve each goal.

    Each goal in this Plan is grounded in the District Philosophy Statement. The Strategic Plan builds on the existing District Goals, offering an exciting picture of what the Hastings schools will look like a decade from now, with concrete steps leading us to that result.

    This Plan is designed to enable us, as a District, to meet some of our greatest challenges with constructive and innovative solutions, and to allocate our limited resources to clearly articulated District priorities.