SEPTA Welcomes

                             Hastings-on-Hudson Families in 2017 - 2018!                         

    Join Our Special Education Parent Teacher Association

    and Help Support All Students


    Differentiated learning benefits everyone. By joining SEPTA, you can help us work alongside parents, teachers and administrators to strengthen our schools for all students. We advocate for curriculum, professional development, technology, processes and resources that help our schools teach to every child - especially those with IEPs, 504s and different learning styles.


    For parents, we provide a strong community of support. Our goal is to help both new and experienced families in Special Education navigate the system and connect with others. We also provide workshops and information so every parent can advocate for their child with confidence.


    We welcome ALL members of our Hastings community – parents and educators –to join us. Together, we can promote an inclusive environment that opens the door to addressing the needs of every student. Your membership sends a message that each child is important and helps keep our mission strong.

    Thank you!

    SEPTA Board Members

    Jennifer, Mia, Jen, Rhiannon, Rachel, Kate, Barb and Sandra


    Our Advocacy in Action


    From community-building to educational events, SEPTA provides:


    • Coffees at HHS, FMS and Hillside : parents, teachers and administrators come

    together to discuss topics and issues relating to children with 504s, IEPs and

    different learning styles


    • Communication: our Board meets regularly with administration to communicate

    needs, concerns and opportunities on behalf of parents


    • Community: we seek to bring together parents and make connections in a

    supportive and collaborative environment


    • Educational Grants and Programs: we offer grants to our schools with funds

    raised during our annual Laser Tag fundraiser. Recent grants include:


    ❖ Books for the Integrated Co-Teaching classrooms at Hillside as part of

    the new literacy program


    ❖ Guest speakers on preparing, navigating and optimizing IEPs


    Connect with Our Community


    We are here to guide, support and represent parents throughout the Special Education

    experience. Please reach out to receive emails, read posts, ask questions

    or share confidential concerns at any time.



    General Email: Hastings.SEPTA@gmail.com

    Facebook: @HastingsSEPTA



    Jennifer Destin jennifer.h.destin@gmail.com

    Mia Johnson euphemiawjohnson@gmail.com


    Hillside Elementary

    VP: Rachel McQueen rmcqueennyc@gmail.com

    VP: Kate Loewengart kate.landis@gmail.com

    K-2 Liaison: Anne Runyan anne.runyan514@gmail.com | 3-4 Liaison: Kit Demirdelen kitdem@gmail.com


    Farragut Middle School

    VP: Rhiannon Platt rhiannon.platt@gmail.com | Liaison: Karin Braier fkbraier@gmail.com


    Hastings High School

    VP: Jen Cunningham jc1401@cumc.columbia.edu | Liaison: Deb King DKingHoH@gmail.com

    Out-of-District Liaison: Joe Scarglato jscarglato@ymail.com

    Preschool/CPSE Liaison: Melissa Goldberg mla1414@gmail.com

    Secretary: Sandra Yi Sandra.yi@gmail.com

    Treasurer: Barbara Rizzo mahlerbarb@aol.com


    MEMBERSHIP FORM  (Download form here)


    To join SEPTA, send this form along with cash or check dues payable to “Hastings SEPTA”.

    You may drop it in the SEPTA mailbox in the offices of Hillside, FMS or HHS,

    or mail to Sandra Yi, SEPTA Secretary, 50 Whitman Street, Hastings on Hudson, NY 10706


    Name _________________________________ Email ________________________________


    1. Please sign me up for the following:

    Annual family membership $20 _____ Annual educator membership $5_ ____

    Additional SEPTA donation to support grants $_____ (optional and appreciated!)


    1. I have a child/children in (please check all that apply and note grades):

    Preschool _____ Hillside _____ FMS _____ HHS _ Out-of-district _____

    None, I am a Hastings educator _____


    1. Please share any particular areas of interest or suggestions here: