• Palestine Travel Poster

    This course examines the history of the Middle East from 1919 to the present. Its geographic focus will be Egypt,the Fertile Crescent, the Arabian Peninsula, Iranand Turkey.  We will keep a few broad questions in mind as we follow the political and social developments of the region.

    1.  What has been the relationship between Islam and politics in the Middle East since 1919? 

    2. What impact did western imperialism an the process of decolonization have on society and politics in the Middle East?

    3. How did Zionism and the creation of Israel change the political landscape of the region?
    4. What changes did the discovery of and the increases in worldwide demand for OIL bring?
    5. How was September 11, 2001 a product of the events in the Middle East since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in1919?
    6. How have recent events, called by some the “Arab Spring”, changed the Middle East and what will it mean for the future?
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