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  • 2017 – 2018 School Year


    8th Grade Music Appreciation

    Mr. Riss


    Course Introduction:

    Welcome to Music Appreciation. Over the next ten weeks we are going to study music theory, then music history. The goal is to give you an overall understanding of music from a cultural and historical perspective.



    Grading:  Your grade will be based on class work, lab work, projects, homework, and class participation. Class participation includes coming on time, being prepared for class and having a section in your notebook where you can take notes and collect/keep handouts. You must also have a pen, pencil, and paper for every class.


    Your class participation grade also includes key points from the FMS Code of Conduct. There will be no:


    • Cell phones
    • Backpacks
    • Hats


    Music Lab: There will be a room change sign posted on the Middle School Auditorium door on days we’re in the music lab (Room 109). Food and drink may not be consumed in the lab – there is a water fountain just outside the lab if you need to get a drink. Use of the music lab equipment (such as computers, keyboards, headphones, etc.) is exclusively for class-related activities, as per the Acceptable Use of Technology policy set forth by the Board of Education. Lab equipment and Chromebooks may not be used for classwork outside of Music Appreciation or for non-academic activities (games, etc.).



    Project Policy:

    • Late projects are marked down a half of a letter grade for each day it is late up to a week at which time no credit will be given.



    Grading Breakdown:



    Class & Lab Work / Homework


    Projects / Tests


    Class Participation




    I hope you are all excited for the new term and our time together.  I’m looking forward to working with you and learning from you over the next ten weeks.

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