• Rules

    by Cynthia Lord Year Published: 2006

    Twelve year old Catherine just wants a normal life.  However, she has a yonger brother with autism and though she loves him, sometimes this makes things a little more difficult for her. One summer, Catherine meets Jason, a boy who changes the way she thinks.  What IS normal, anyway? 

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  • The Hundred Dresses

    by Eleanor Estes Year Published: 1944 Fiction
    Although written almost 70 years ago, this timeless classic is just as relevant today.  Maddie and Peggy "have fun" with a new student named Wanda.  Is it fun, or is it bullying?  This tale about using your conscience as your guide is a wonderful message for today's world of cyberbullying. 
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  • Holes

    by Louis Sachar Year Published: 1998 fiction
    In this Newbery Award winning novel, Stanley Yelnats has been unjustly sent to Camp Green Lake, a boys' detention center.  There's no lake at the camp - just an awful lots of holes, exactly five feet wide and five feet deep.  Stanley soon realizes that there's something sinister happening at Camp Green Lake.  What is someone looking for?  Stanley tries to dig up the truth!
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  • The Apothecary

    by Maile Meloy Year Published: 2011 fiction
    The year is 1952 and the Scott family has moved to London from Los Angeles.  Fourteen year old Janie meets a mysterious apothecary and his son.  When Ben's father is kidnapped, he and Jamie must work together to uncover the secrets of the apothecary's ancient book, called the Pharmacopoeia, all the while keeping it out of enemy hands.  An adventure filled with danger and excitement...
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  • 11 Birthdays

    by Wendy Maas Year Published: 2009 fiction
    Amanda and Leo are ex-friends that share the same birthday.  This year, for her 11th birthday, Amanda can't wait for the day AFTER her birthday, so she can stop thinking about her fight with Leo.  There's only one problem: the next day is her birthday ALL OVER AGAIN!
    Learn how Amanda gets unstuck and solves her problem!
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  • The Friendship Doll

    by Kirby Larson Year Published: 2011 historical fiction
    The year is 1927, and 58 dolls from Japan are sent to the United States as Ambassadors of Friendship. Follow Miss Kanagawa as she travels from New York to Oregon during the Great Depression. Become acquainted with many characters and their tales, and see if Miss Kanagawa is successful in her mission of friendship.
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  • Pie

    by Sarah Weeks Year Published: 2011
    A story about friendship, family and doing something for the right reason.  Find out Aunt Polly's secret for her world famous pie and enjoy the relationship between Alice, Charlie and a cat named Lardo.
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