•       Basketball Study Guide      


    -        Basketballwas invented by Dr. James Naismith in 1891.

    -        Theoriginal baskets were made out of peach baskets.

    -        Afield goal is another name of a made basket.

    -        ATurnover is any loss of the ball without a shot being taken.

    -        Offensiveteam is the team with the ball tried to score.

    -        Defenseplayer is the team without the ball trying to stop the other team from scoring.

    -        Thebasketball is 10 feet high off the ground.

    -        Thefree throw line is 15 feet from the basket.

    -        The3 point line is 19.9 feet from the basket.

    -        Anassist is a pass to a teammate who then scores a field goal.

    -        Man to Man defense is a defensive strategy where everyone guards an assigned player.

    -        Zone Defenseis a defensive strategy where everyone is responsible for an assigned areainside of a player.

    -        AirBall is a shot that completely misses the rim and backboard.

    -        Theteam scored upon must pass ball back into play from out of bounds.


    -        2 point field goal: a shot made from anywhere duringplay inside the 3 pt. arc

    -        3 point field goal: a shot made from anywhere outsidethe 3 pt. arc

    -        Free Throw: 1 point is awarded to an unguardedshot taken from behind the free throw line while the clock is stopped. 


    Dribbling: bouncing the ball with 1 hand usingyour fingertips (instead of palm) so it rebounds to yourself (the only legalway to move with the ball). Keep eyes up and dribble below waist level.

    Passing: moving the ball by throwing,bouncing, handing, or rolling it to another player. (Chest, Bounce, & Lob)

    Shooting: throwing the ball to make a basket. B.E.E.F (Balance, elbow (90 degreeangle straight up and down), eyes, follow-through). Get power on shot from thelegs.

    Lay-up: Attempting to score in close to thebasket by taking 2 steps, jumping off your inside foot and shooting with theoutside hand. 

    Pivoting:  stepping once or more in any direction withthe same foot while holding the other foot at its initial point.

    Rebounding:  The recovering of a shot that bounces off thebackboard or the rim.

    Boxing out: a player’s position between anopposing player and the basket to obtain a better rebounding position.

    FOULS: (results in one or more free throwsawarded to the opposing team)

    Blocking: impeding the progress of an opponentby extending one or both arms horizontally or getting in the path of a movingplayer.

    Charging: running into a stationary playerwhile you are a moving with the ball.

    Hacking: the player hits the arm or hand ofthe person holding the ball.

    Holding: the player holds the person with orwithout the ball.


    Traveling: moving illegally with the ball(walking with the ball)

    3 Seconds: an offensive player remains in thekey/paint (free throw lane-the area under the basket) for more the 3 seconds.

    Double dribble: a player dribbles the ball with bothhands at the same time or they stop and then start dribbling again.

    5 seconds:  Once a player picks up the dribble and has a defensive playerclosely guarding them, they have to get rid of the ball within 5 seconds.