• Expectations

    Students are required to change into clothing appropriate to the activities offered during class and must meet safety and hygiene requirements set forth by the faculty. Students not properly dressed, or who are sufficiently injured or ill to prevent participation in classactivities are not eligible to practice or compete for the duration of the day in interscholastic athletics.

    Being excused from Physical Education:

    Students may be excused from PhysicalEducation for the following reasons:

    • Short-term illness or injury lasting no more than one week – A note from a parent/guardian or school nurse is sufficient
    • Long-term illness or injury lasting more than one week – A letter written by a doctor excusing the student from activity.
    • Class Trip or other School Function – A pass or alert must be provided to the teacher before they may be eligible to be absent.

    Students who are unable to participate inclass activities due to injury or illness will be placed on a modified PhysicalEducation program in which they will be required to complete assignments inorder to be eligible to receive credit for the activity, unit and/or quarter.

    Grading Policy:

    Students will be graded through a combination of summative assessment within each unit of study, a Daily Rubric of Personal and Social Responsibility as well as through their Fitness Testing. Students will be given an opportunity to participate in make-up classes throughout the quarter in which they may improve their assessment grades.

    70% -Daily Rubric for Personal & Social Responsibility
    10% - Summative Assessments
    +20% - Completion of the Fitness Assessment
    100% - Physical Education Quarter Grade