• Call Backs will be Wednesday and FRIDAY Dec 9th and 11th from 3:15 to 5:15. They are an opportunity for us to try out a few possibilities, or to explore someone's abilities a little further. This can be a difficult process and we will try and make it as fun as we can. List is below. I tried to work with your regular availabilites on Wednesdays and Fridays as much as possible.

    Cast list will be posted on a separate page here by Saturday evening.

    Full Cast meeting on Monday, December 14th [location TBA] 3:15 to 5:00 and rehearsals will continue Dec 15, 16, and 17. There will be a schedule posted with the cast list.

    If Mondays at 3:15 is a time that you are normally not able to attend rehearsals, try and get to the cast meeting anyway. If you can't, please find someone to take notes for you and pick up your script.

    Names of students we'd like to see on Wednesday and FRIDAY will be posted here Tuesday night Dec 8 by 7:30 PM



    Declan Friedman

    Kate Ryan

    Paige Martin

    Ella Campbell

    Mae Rooney

    Chloe Reeve

    Jayanna Kane

    Noa Blitz

    Elizabeth Morrison

    Luisa Scioscia

    Christine Cifelli

    Maya McDermott

    Anijah Clegg

    Mercedes Severino

    Nathaniel Dudko

    Xenia Hernandez

    Oliver Fuchs

    Liam Shanley

    Timothy Charles

    Fiona McKiernan

    Lily Safire



    Mathilda Ringwald Gianopoulos

    Aya Hinawi

    Lauren Margalit

    Stella Stephens

    Lara Waldron

    Hannah Hatch

    Sophie Mines

    Charlotte Rubin

    Carina Eisenberg

    Isabella Santana

    Sabine Paz-Le Draoulec

    Anna Dunn

    Sabine Hinkaty

    Melina Bakopoulous

    Abby Thring

    Maymay Lin

    Sasha Arditi

    Celia Silverstein

    Tyler Ossen