• The Health class will meet on A, C, and E days during Period 6 in Room H2.


    Materials needed:

    ·         3-ring binder to keep handouts, tests, etc.

    ·         Pen or pencil



    The benefit this class will have for you will largely depend upon your constructive participation, may it be active listening, thorough note-taking, analysis of other people’s arguments in discussions and conversations, etc.

    Don’t speak out of turn. Let people finish their thoughts. Be on time to class and hand assignments in when they’re due.



    ·         Poster or other projects                                         30%

    ·         One open-book test per marking period              20%

    ·         Classroom activities                                                20%

    ·         Self-diagnostic (out-of-classroom) activities       20%

    ·         Worksheet completion                                            10%


    Late assignments will be accepted no later than the halfway point or end of a marking period (whichever comes first), for half credit only.


    You are responsible for any missed work and it is up to you to see me as soon as possible after any absence.
    Topics are:

    1)         Human Development, Reproductive and Sexual Health:

    ·         Biological foundations of conception and pregnancy

    ·         STIs: viral/bacterial, prevention, prevalence, and treatment

    ·         Contraceptives and effects on pregnancy and transmission of STIs

    ·         Gender and sexual orientation

    ·         Sexual violence: prevalence, societal attitudes

    ·         Geriatrics


    2)         Drugs and Addiction:

    ·         Mechanisms of addiction: psychological, physiological

    ·         Alcohol: short/long-term effects, Drinking and Driving

    ·         Tobacco and marijuana: short/long-term effects

    ·         Other drugs: classification and short/long-term effects and risks (incl. prescription drugs, inhalants, cocaine, ecstasy, amphetamines and derivatives)

    ·         Behavioral addictions (gambling, hoarding)


    3)         Mental Health:

    ·         Anxiety and depression

    ·         Eating and sleep disorders

    ·         Self-injurious behavior, suicide

    ·         Stress management: positive/negative stress, sleep/nutrition


    4)         Fitness, Nutrition and Goals:

    ·         Components of fitness

    ·         Goal setting

    ·         Nutrition and Dietary Analysis: classes of nutrients, Food Guide Pyramid, effects of excess salt/fat/calories on body


    5)         Injury and Diseases:

    ·         Unintentional injury and prevention

    ·         Emergency Preparedness

    ·         First Aid, CPR

    ·         Infectious diseases and disease prevention

    ·         Environmental and Consumer Health (environmental risks, pollutants, household chemicals, food labels)

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