• When are the performances? The show plays at 7:00 PM on Friday, March 1 and Saturday, March 2. Call will be at 5:00 PM both nights.


    What's the rehearsal schedule going to be like? Rehearsals will usually be 3:15-5:00 Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. I will put together a rehearsal schedule as soon as possible after the show is cast. Your child will almost certainly not be required at every rehearsal except for tech week and the week before.


    Does my child really have to attend every rehearsal during tech week in its entirety? Yes. We are dealing with many "moving parts" at that time and need full attendance. This is out of respect for the entire team that is putting this show together - cast, crew, and production staff. Tech rehearsals will not go unreasonably late - they will run 3:15-6:00.


    Should my child audition if they know they don't want to play any part other than (fill in the blank)? We cast the show assuming that everyone auditioning is eager to be a part of the show, regardless of what role they play. Ordinarilly, we do not recommend the students who only want to play one specific part audition. Casting is complicated (see the questions below for some more explanation on that).


    Does this mean that everyone who auditions is cast? Yes.


    My child can come to tech rehearsals no problem, but has many other conflicts - will they still get a big part? Maybe. Conflicts will affect casting decisions. We need students in the same scenes to be available to rehearse together. So it depends on what roles we think they will shine in and availability of counterparts that are in the same scenes. With that said, as I said at our meeting last week, the size of part assigned is not in tandem with the level of proficiency demonstrated in the audition nor is it an indication of how we (the production staff) think of your child's level of talent.


    What do you mean the size of part isn't in tandem with the level of proficiency demonstrated in the audition? I could write a book on this. I'll try to be brief. First of all, it's impossible to please everyone, obviously, but I have trust in every student who auditions (and the family of every student who auditions) to focus on being part of a team rather than their role on the team. As I said in our meeting last week, we do not rank auditions by level of skill demonstrated and give the "best" auditionee the "biggest" or "most significant" part, then the "second best" the "second most important," etc. Instead, casting is directly influenced by the director's vision of each part and scheduling. Each director is going to have a different vision, and accordingly each director casts each show differently. In the case of shows at our school, previous roles are not taken into account when casting decisions are made. Every member of the cast is a valued member of the team. Correlating the size of part assigned with sense of self worth as a member of this team is not healthy for anyone involved, especially your own self!  It is my expectation that every person involved (including myself) is a team player. That is the most important, and most fun part of putting up any show!