• Sophomores thinking about taking AP US History or SUPA American must sit for a mandatory essay.


    Originally scheduled for 8:15am on Friday, February 7, it has been rescheduled for 2:45pm on Thursday, February 13 in the Cafeteria.  In advance of the essay, students should have already read the handout distributed in high school sophomore World History 2 classes.  If you are missing a copy, please see Mr. O'Brien in room 226 or Mr. Smith in room 229.


    While the essay is mandatory, the grade received does not determine entrance into either of the courses.  Rather, the grade should help sophomores figure out whether they are ready to take an upper-level, college-oriented history class in their junior year.


    Getting a C or better on the essay means you are likely qualified for AP US and SUPA American courses.  A grade less than C means you should consider the Regents class instead.

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