• Diversity and Inclusion

    Jenice Mateo-Toledo Jenice Mateo-Toledo 
    Coordinator of Diversity and Inclusion

    Our Hastings-on-Hudson learning community has not shied away from courageous conversations about race and racism. As a school district, we recognize that being non-racist is not enough - we must work toward being anti-racist, and have an obligation to support our teachers, students, and community members. Last year, members of the Diversity Committee read the book White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo and engaged in discussions about issues pertaining to race and racism. One outcome we identified for our work moving forward was to prepare a Racial Literacy Toolkit. We remain committed to supporting all of you as we engage in these conversations with each other and with students. We acknowledge that these conversations are often uncomfortable, but discussions explicitly about race and social justice are essential. Below are some resources to consider using to support productive reflection and promote engaging discussions about racism in our world and how to actively be anti-racist in our day-to-day lives. Together, we will continue to be an active community of advocates for equality, social justice, and culturally responsive practices. Hastings Diversity Committee members, Race Matters Committee members, members of Parenting Children of Color (P-CoC), members of the faculty, students, and members of Hastings R.I.S.E. will continue to work in partnership to discuss and impact issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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    Diversity and equity can be difficult topics to discuss with your child, but these conversations are important to have. Please refer to the links below for helpful information.