• Kindergarten Orientation – as Adorable as You Would Expect

    Girl getting off bus Hillside Elementary is expecting about 90 students to enter kindergarten next year, many of whom came to the school for kindergarten orientation last week. Each showed varying degrees of enthusiasm and confidence, some boldly striding into the school, others nervously clinging to parents.

    They quickly settled in, listening closely as Principal Amy Cazes read them the book, ‘Nope’ by Drew Sherman, about a nurturing mama bird and a fearful baby about to fledge. She said she selected the book “as much for the parents as the children!”

    The youngsters then joined a kindergarten class and played with some tabletop toys, while Cazes spoke to parents about the kindergarten and Hillside experience.

    “This is really a partnership,” she said, “when the school and parents are working together.”

    Waved off by their parents, the children then went on their first school bus ride around the neighborhood. Any nerves were soon allayed as they sang along to “The Wheels on the Bus” and played “I Spy” with kindergarten teachers on board.