• Portrait of a Hastings Learner

    This will be a concise document/graphic that will be used in district and school level communication; recruitment interviews; performance evaluations/discussions; alignment of programs and curriculum; design of new opportunities for students; budget development; and major decision-making processes. It is meant to be a tool, an inspiration, and a grounding force.

    Aspirational goals and the next level of work

    There will be clear statements and action steps connected to how the district will make the elements of the Portrait a reality for all students. 18-month action plans will be designed for each area of targeted, systemic work.

    Communication plan

    A comprehensive communication plan will be developed to introduce the process; report on progress; share the products; keep the work present and in the fore for all members of the learning community and greater community.   


    How does this work inform the design of professional learning for the next two years? There can be no deep learning or embedded growth throughout the district for students or educators without a professional learning plan that supports the aspirational goals of The Portrait and of the next level of district work. Therefore, we will be creating a roadmap for professional learning over a two-year period that will ensure that support.