• The Chemistry Advanced Placement course is the equivalent of a college introductory course in Chemistry.

    Topics covered are extensions of concepts in basic (Regents) chemistry:

    1)      Thermochemistry
    2)      Gas Laws
    3)      Electronic Structure of Atoms

    4)      Covalent and Ionic Bonding
    5)      Liquids and Solids
    6)      Solutions
    7)      Kinetics
    8)      Equilibrium
    9)      Acids and Bases
    10)    Redox Reactions
    11)    Organic Chemistry
    12)    Nuclear Chemistry
    13)    Chemical Reaction Writing
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  • Dear AP Chemistry students,

    Because of the Senior Welcoming activities, about half the class will be missing the first 40 minutes on September 6. During that period I will hand out textbooks, course outline, syllabus, etc. and discuss general expectations. If you miss it, please see me after school or during lunch.

    Please do not ask questions about the Initial Assessment, since it is intended to give me an idea of how much knowledge and skills you bring into this class.


     The Initial Assessment is rescheduled for Thursday, September 8 (C-day), Period 1.

    It will start promptly at 8:15 and be for the entire 80-minute period.


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