General Course Info: AP Euro

  • Caravaggio


    In just five centuries Europe went from being a cultural backwater to an area of the planet that is inextricably linked with the very notion of worldwide culture.  Europe has brought the world extraordinary achievements in the arts, literature, philosophy, science and technology.  It gave the world modern diplomacy and the science of political statecraft.  Institutional forms such as democracy, capitalism, socialism were given intellectual breath and became the foundations of societies around the planet.  Europe has also given us the worst atrocities perpetrated upon mankind, including slavery and genocide.  How do we make sense of it?  How did it come about in the first place?  When did a decidedly "European" civilization emerge and why? These are some of the questions that have fascinated me for years.  My goal is to convey my excitement about this extremely complicated and diverse historical entity in a way that will encourage you to explore this extraordinary part of the world.

    This is an AP course, but also a sandbox for the college experience you will begin in just one year's time. While it would be nice to get college credit for this course from the College Board, to my mind it's more important for you to learn how to do research, explore different ways of conveying what you learned from research, and to finesse your informal and formal writing skills. Oh, and to have fun.

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