• Arts Perspectives:  History THROUGH art

    Participation in Government:  Arts Perspectives             One Semester-½ Unit

    (Open to all grades; priority given to 9th and 10th grades)

    Human history is reflected in the creativity of its peoples.  This course will explore the artistic expressions of several different societies around the world from an historical point of view.  After developing the tools and language for analyzing the culture of a society, we will concentrate on several key civilizations.  Classwork will consist of analyzing cultural artifacts, music, and theater with attention to understanding the societies that inspired them.  In addition to student presentations and course lecture, this course will also provide students with an opportunity to express themselves artistically and to visit area museums and cultural institutions.

    Topics to be addressed this year include:

    • Paleolithic cave painting
    • Graffiti
    • Hip hop culture
    • Tattoo
    • Photography of the muckrakers
    • Propaganda art / art in advertising
    • Art of protest movements
    • Art inspired by war
    • Jazz Age
    • Museum spaces


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