Dear Governor Cuomo, Commissioner King, Board of Regents, members of the Senate and Assembly:

I write because I am concerned that the grades 3-8 English Language Arts (ELA) and math exams administered this past April are not being released in full to the public, even though releasing the complete tests was NY's practice up until 2011. The recent anecdotes of serious problems with these tests, in addition to basic principles of transparency in government, mandate that thefull tests be made public immediately. Partial release of state-selected questions is insufficient to address the claims that the tests were above grade level, not aligned with the Common Core, too long, etc. Partial release also makes it impossible to score check a child's grade. In addition, for children to learn from the tests, the tests need to be public and school personnel need to be allowed to discuss the test. In sum, I ask that you return to the prior status quo and publish the tests in their entirety immediately, on nysedregents.org, just as NY had done until just a few years ago. I also ask that school personnel be allowed to discuss freely these exams.