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So You Want to be on Tech Crew...

Crew Jobs Available

  • Stage Manager (SM) - One person- Works with director during the rehearsal process, communicates all information about the show to the production crew, keeps things everything organized, calls the lighting and deck cues during the show.
  • Assistant Stage Manager (ASM)Two people - Works with the stage manager during rehearsals and then becomes the stage managers eyes and ears backstage.  Helps coordinate scene shifts for deck crew.
  • Light Designer (LD)One person- Creates a light plot of lighting instruments that will be used to create lighting cues that allow the actors to be seen, create a feeling during the scene, focus the audience's attention and even hide a scene change
  • Master Electrician (ME)One person- Hangs, focuses and wires the lighting instruments on the designers light plot before Tech & Cue writing, maintenances all the lighting instruments so they are working and set up properly for the show during Tech and Pre Show Checks.
  • Light Board OperatorOne person- Runs the light board during the shows, tech and light focusing.  During Pre-Tech helps the master electrician get the equipment set up prior to Tech and runs the board during Cue Writing with the LD and Director.
  • Spot Operators1-2 people- Runs the Spot Lights during Tech and the shows.  During Pre-Tech they also assist the ME and Borad op in hanging and focusing lights.
  • Sound Designer (SD) - One person- Creates the Sound Scape with microphones and sound effects so the audience and hear everything they are supposed to hear.  The designer determines what is mic'ed, if additional speakers/monitors are needed and works with the engineer to ensure the mix sound correct throughout the audience.
  • Sound Engineer (FOH Sound or A1) - One person- (often the SD and engineer are the same person)  Responsible for running the sound board and maintaining all the mics and speakers in working order.
  • Deck Sound (A2) - One person- Assists the FOH Sound person by being responsible for the wireless body packs microphones backstage during the show.  This includes actor changes, battering, and fixing problems
  • Sound Asst  - One person- Assists as needed, which includes possibly running music tracks, sound effects, helping with the wireless microphones, or anything else that is needed.
  • Wardrobe Crew - at least Two people-  Helps maintain the costumes the designer chose for each actor, helps cast change, assists the designer in pulling costumes and fitting them on actors. 
  • Props Master - One person (with support from 1 more person) -  locates, creates, and organizes the prop needed for each show.  sometimes the props master will create the list from the script or get a list from the stage manager/director.  during the show they make sure everything is available for the actors, but then put away safely after show or rehearsal
  • Deck Crew - Multiple people-  assist in different capacities depending on the needs of each show.  This could include moving set pieces, running the curtains, helping with props, cleaning up and keeping the stage/backstage safe for everyone in the show
  • Scenic Painter - Multiple people-  paint the set as determined by the set designer
  • House Manager - One person- maintains the house (the audience seating area)...this means making sure the audience can enjoy the show,  creating a friendly profession appearance that welcomes the audience & encourages them to return, communicating with the stage manager about delays in starting the show, encouraging the audience to settle into there seats to start the show or return from intermission, keeping the aisles clear if the cast uses them for entrances

Often Filled by Non-Student Crew

  • Technical Director - One person- Coordinates all technical crew, watches the progress of adding tech to the production to avoid problems early, and maintenance a safe environment
  • Set Designer - One person- Creates the world of the show and often creates levels to increase actor visibility as needed by the Director
  • Costume Designer - One person-  Decides what each actor will wear to help create the feel the director would like and them fits all cast members into costumes 

Basic Crew schedule for EVERY Show

  • The week BEFORE (often sooner) is lights hang/Focus and anything that needs done before tech and normally beginning at 6pm. There is some flexibility on your availability this week but lighting must be complete by dry tech/cue writing and you will need to participate to be ready for tech week.
  • The Saturday BEFORE (this may vary due to holidays) tech week is a full day of Tech including painting or cue writing or any last pre-tech set up that need to be completed.
  • The week of the show is Tech Week and All RUNNING CREW MUST BE AT THESE REHEARSALS… the only excused absence is a sick day from school.

For anyone who is the Stage Manages (or Asst SM) on a show, you must be in rehearsal with the director from the very first Auditions thru ALL rehearsals.  Then you will be able to take the helm during Tech Week. Yes, this is a HUGE job but your understanding of everything coming together will be an amazing asset to the success of Tech Week and the Performances. In rehearsal you will take notes for the Director, if needed run lines with actors and relay important technical information including schedule between the TD, Designers, Director and crew.