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Eligibility for Transportation

Who is eligible to ride a school bus?

All kindergarten students are eligible for busing. Students in grades 1-4 must live at least five-tenths of a mile from the Hillside School gate to receive busing. Grade 5 students must live more than 1 mile from Farragut Middle School to receive busing. No students in grades 6-12 meet the eligibility standard of 2 miles for grades 6-8, and 3 miles for grades 9-12.

My child is not eligible to ride the school bus, but there is a bus stop just 2 doors away, can my child board the bus with the other children?

No. If a student is not eligible to ride the bus, he/she cannot ride the bus. The District is not authorized to use taxpayers' money to transport non-eligible students. In September 1999, the eligibility distance for students in grades 3-4 was lowered from 1 mile to five-tenths of a mile. Eligibility can only be changed by a separate voter proposition.