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Bus and Bus Stop Assignments


How do I find out my child’s bus number, pick-up/drop-off times, and bus stop location?

Bus details can be viewed on our online transportation portal at The portal opens for each new school year during the 3rd week of August; the exact date, plus instructions for logging in, can be found on the Hastings transportation home page. Requests for adjustments in bus route or stop will not be considered until after the first few weeks of school.

We recently moved to a new address within the district OR moved into the district and registered for school. Will my child be able to start riding the bus right away?

No. It can take several days (or more, depending on time of year) for the transportation department to get the registration information, assign your child to a bus, and get a revised route to the bus company/driver. You will be notified by e-mail when the busing is set up and the date it can begin.

How are bus stop locations determined?

The District is part of the QUAD Consortium (based in the Ardsley school district) for management of transportation in cooperation with three neighboring school districts. The District advises the transportation office of its needs and the transportation supervisor develops and maintains programs to meet those needs, including contracting with private bus companies. The transportation supervisor identifies bus stops that are centrally located among students in general proximity of each other and arranges the bus stops into bus routes that are as safe, efficient and economical as possible. The bus stops and routes are reviewed regularly, and adjustments made as needed. Many bus stops have been used for years, while others are new, based on shifting student demographics.

How far will my child have to walk to the bus stop?

No maximum walking distance to a bus stop is set in District policy or regulation, but in practice, walks of more than one- to two-tenths of a mile are rare. Using SED guidelines, students in grades 1-4 could theoretically be asked to walk up to five-tenths of a mile to their bus stop; and up to one mile for grade 5 students.

Can I have my child dropped off at our babysitter's home or at a childcare facility?

Possibly yes. The District provides limited busing from Hillside School to a few childcare program sites (e.g. Beginners Club); or you may be able to arrange busing to an individual childcare provider. Childcare locations must be within the District, and the childcare must be on a regular basis (i.e. no playdates). You should contact Hillside School in writing well in advance to request this busing.

For some parents, the early bus is too early so parents drive their children, and the late bus is too late so parents pick up their children – resulting in a lot of empty seats. Would the District benefit from having one bus run instead of the early/late configuration currently in use?

One bus run instead of two could be used, but this would double the cost of the in-district bus program. Ten buses would be needed instead of five to transport all students at one time. Not only would this create a financial challenge for a district of our size, but the logistics of having 10 buses in the Hillside circle at the same time would create an unsafe environment for our children. Also, the local labor market is hard pressed to provide five bus drivers, let alone ten.