• Board Objectives and Superintendent Goals 2019-2021

    At the outset of the 2020-21 school year, the primary goal for the Hastings-on-Hudson Board of Education is to provide an educational environment that is physically and emotionally safe for all students and staff and to provide support for the reopening of our schools. The health, safety, and welfare of students and district staff are our priority, and the safe return of all students full-time in-person learning is our ultimate goal within the guidelines of NYSED, NYSDOH, and any mandates by the Governor of New York. We seek meaningful learning opportunities for all students no matter which model of schooling that we have, and encourage innovation and creativity to engage students within the bounds of our human and financial resources. The Board will open its discussion of 2020-21 Board of Education goals at a meeting later this fall, once the school reopening phase is underway.



    Board Objectives and Superintendent Goals 2019-2020

    Hastings-on-Hudson UFSD Board of Education Objectives and the Superintendent’s Goals for 2019-20

    Leadership and Organization

    Board Objective: Build organizational leadership and stability throughout the district, defining roles, processes, and structures with an eye towards the district’s future

    • Superintendent’s Goal: Through regular meetings, work closely with administrators to implement norms, processes, procedures, and practices to ensure the school system operates and functions coherently. 


    Fiscal Accountability and Facilities

    Board Objective: Balance long-term financial health of the District with the needs and desires of the public

    • Superintendent’s Goal: Provide regular updates to the Board and community about the progress of the construction bond, establish opportunities through a Budget University for the community to learn about what goes into the development of a school budget, and communicate how the District manages the budget, including multi-year budgeting projections. 


    Teaching and Learning

    Board Objective: Provide a positive, enriching educational environment for all students in Hastings, while supporting processes to identify and address areas of need throughout the district

    • Superintendent’s Goal: Develop an understanding of the K-12 continuum of teaching and learning in Hastings with the goal of establishing greater K-12 alignment by collaboratively reviewing curriculum, student data, and instructional practices with administrators, teachers, and department chairs. 


    Community Engagement

    Board Objective: Communicate effectively and regularly with stakeholders around key issues such as facilities, budget, policy, and vision in order to deepen understanding and trust as a public institution serving the needs of our community

    Superintendent’s  Goal: Get to know the Hastings community by meeting with community stakeholders, organizing book studies for community participation, establishing monthly face-to-face opportunities to hear suggestions and concerns, disseminating 5-6 newsletters, updating information on the website, creating podcasts and short videos, conducting presentations at Board meetings and attending a wide range of District events frequented by parents.



    Hastings-on-Hudson UFSD Board of Education Goals 2018-2019

    2018 - 2019 Goals Progress Update


    Strategic Planning


    Create an open and inclusive process to hear from parents, the community, students, staff, teachers, and administrators regarding desired priorities for the District. From that process codify and communicate needs expressed and a path forward including timelines and metrics for progress.

    Topical areas of focus will include, but aren’t limited to:

    • Curriculum, learning and instruction
    • Professional development
    • Diversity and inclusion
    • Mental health
    • Finance / budget
    • Facilities and potential capital projects
    • Co-curricular and athletics
    • Communication
    • Technology
    • Organizational structure and processes


    Curriculum, Learning and Instruction


    Using current knowledge and the upcoming strategic planning process, develop a clear picture of the current state of learning and instruction in our District and begin articulating a vision of the future and path forward. While this process will unfold over the 2018-2019 school year, several areas of focus are already clear:

    • Learning, and Instruction Leadership – Ensure curricular leadership needs are defined and appropriate hires are made to address
    • Special Education – Clearly understand progress made against the 2017 audit and ensure a clear workplan and metrics are developed for the year ahead. More broadly, ensure we are working towards an inclusive special education / general education vision for the District
    • Professional Development – Ensure we are defining, prioritizing, and offering professional development in keeping with District goals and our professional development plan. Where there are gaps in our professional development, ensure we are identifying and making plans to address


    Diversity and Inclusion


    Ensure the District develops and articulates a clear vision for diversity and inclusion which comprises ethnic, racial, religious, gender, ability and/or health status, sexual-orientation, and socioeconomic diversity. Several important outcomes for the District this year include:

    • Ensure hiring practices align with District vision
    • Complete and make public Incidents of Bias protocol
    • Continue to develop and implement plans to improve multicultural literacy across District
    • Provide appropriate learning opportunities for staff, parents, and students


    District and School Culture


    This is a broad category that can encompass many aspects of our District and schools. This year we’d like to focus on two aspects in particular:

    • Mental Health – Prioritize the reduction of stress in our students by ensuring that our District has sufficient support and staffing to address mental health needs of all students, as well as examining the causes of stress and possible ways to address and reduce those causes
    • Leadership Development – Ensure we are supporting the professional development and growth of our administrators


    Fiscal and Facility Management


    Balance long-term financial health of the District with the needs and desires of the public. A few areas we will focus on this year:

    • Budget
      • 5-year budget projection – Develop a set of provisional guiding assumptions allowing for a projected plan that can be updated yearly
      • Focus on cost management – Identify areas where efficiencies can be achieved while maintaining high standards across the District
    • Facilities / Capital Projects
      • 5-year facilities plan - Make facilities plan available to the public highlighting essential areas: buildings maintenance, up-to-date learning spaces, security needs
      • Develop and publicly share a detailed rationale and timeline for a new Bond to undertake necessary facilities renovation work. Ensure robust and thoughtful community engagement throughout.


    Communication and Engagement


    Continue to strengthen Board of Education communication and engagement with all stakeholders

    • Create advanced schedule of upcoming topics to be discussed at board and other meetings
    • Provide regular progress updates on goals
    • Make content on the website easy to navigate and find
    • Create opportunities to hear from stakeholders on key topics


    Superintendent Search


    Update 2017 profile of desired characteristics of a superintendent as needed. Start the process early- to mid-Fall to ensure the broadest and deepest candidate pool possible.