•  11/14/2017

    Parent Literacy Workshop Hillside Elementary
    On November 14, 2017, Dr. Gravity Goldberg and Patty McGee presented a workshop to parents regarding the work being done around literacy at Hillside Elementary School. Dr. Goldberg's focus is on curriculum development and support in Hastings, and Ms. McGee's focus is on classroom practice and coaching in Hastings. 
    The presentation can be viewed here:

    Parent Literacy Workshop Hillside Elementary




    Hour of Code

    On December 8th, students from the AP Programming and Computer Science classes at Hastings High School visited Hillside Elementary School to work with 3rd and 4th grade students in recognition of the global “Hour of Code” event. This yearly event reaches tens of millions of students across over 180 countries and provides access to over 170 different applications and activities, both computer based and kinesthetic, designed to teach the principles of coding. The focus of these activities is not on the use of technology but instead an emphasis on the critical thinking and problem solving skills that are required to complete these tasks. Our high school students prepared short presentations to share with the elementary school students, provided a demonstration of a coding application and worked individually with Hillside students as they learned to think like a coder. The event was truly a success and both the high school and elementary school students genuinely enjoyed the experience. Our elementary school students left with stickers and certificates, acknowledging their successful completion of this new type of learning.

    Tri-State Consortium Visitation
    After months of planning and preparation the Hastings-on-Hudson School District welcomes the Tri-State Visitation Team.  The group of seventeen administrators, teachers, and consultants from across the Tri-State area will spend three days here in Hastings focusing on student engagement. Believing that student engagement is at the center of all of our instructional practices, it was easy to select this as the theme for this visitation.  The visitation team will collect information through classroom observations, focus groups, and presentations to assess the extent to which our students are engaged within the learning process here in Hastings.   Prior to the visit, faculty and staff from across the district participated in the creation of a document that reflects what we believe are indicators of student engagement.  This document will serve as a resource for the visitation team throughout their three days in Hastings.  
    Student Indicators  
    Tri-State Visitation Schedule and Resources:
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