• teacher Welcome to the Magical World of  Kindergarten!
    Kindergarteners begin to explore a whole new world as they enter Hillside.  Our children revel in the excitement of exploring and understanding their new environment; making lots of friends, playing in developmental centers and indulging in learning using a multi-sensory, hand-on approach.  It is thrilling to see the wonderful growth our children make over the course of this year!  We are delighted to teach these beautiful inquiring Kindergarten minds!
    Below is the schedule of our specials:
    A Day - P.E. and STEAM
    B Day - Art
    C Day - P.E.
    D Day - Music and Spanish
    E Day - P.E.
    F Day -Music & Library
  • Hi, I'm Tasnim Nagrath.  I have had the greatest pleasure of being a Kindergarten Teacher for the past eight years.  I am excited to co-teach the Kindergarten ICT class with Caren Cort (Special ed. teacher) this year.  Prior to teaching Kindergarten, I taught First Grade for fourteen years.  Working at Hillside Elementary School has been a very rewarding and enriching experience for me!
    Tasnim Nagrath
    Caren Cort
    120 Lefurgy Avenue
    Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706