Hastings SEPTA
The Hastings-on-Hudson SEPTA is a unit of the New York State PTA organization with local chapters that focus on supporting families and children, especially those with any kind of special need.

The Organization also exists to be a source of information on research and progress in the field of special education and learning disabilities. SEPTA is a volunteer-driven organization that uses 100% of all donations for programming and services.

Goals are:
  • Supporting the community via educational workshops and speakers relevant to the entire school population.
  • Providing information through publications such as the Resource Guide, videos and books on special needs issues made available through the Hillside school library, and an online list-serve for SEPTA members.
  • Working together with the school system to ensure the best educational experience possible for all children in the school. Research has shown that excellence in special education programming benefits the entire student population

Membership is open to all parents, family members, guardians, teachers and professionals with an interest in the education and well being of children with special needs.

To download a membership form, click here:  SEPTA Membership Form

To view the Hastings on Hudson SEPTA 2013 - 2014 calendar click here

Officers for the 2013-2014 school year
President, Mia Johnson,  914-330-6392, ewjohnson@debevoise.com
Treasurer, Joe Scarglato, 914-830-1416, jscarglato@ymail.com

Vice President, Jennifer Cunningham, 914-478-0518, jc1401@columbia.edu

Vice President, Nina Segal Kennedy, 914-478-3138, nswk1@verizon.net

Vice President, Jo Ann Weinig, 917-270-2967, joweinig@gmail.com