• Welcome to the FMS School Counseling Page!
    Please note that the counseling suite has a new location on the first floor in the Farragut Wing.
    This year, Ms. Perez will be working with the 6th and 7th grade students and Ms. Ryan will be working with the 5th and 8th grade students.
    Middle school can be an exciting yet challenging time for students and their parents.  As students transition from childhood to adolescence, they begin to connect their learning in the classroom to their everyday lives.  As school counselors, it is our goal to ensure that students are prepared for these new middle school experiences. In order to provide support to our students, we collaborate with all members of the school community in order to meet the diverse academic and social emotional needs of our students.
    Our Comprehensive School Counseling Plan focuses on the following topics:
    • Transition from Elementary School to Middle School
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Academic organization skills
    • Education in understanding self and others
    • Coping Strategies emphasizing communication, problem solving and healthy decision making
    • Student's role in understanding and accepting responsibility
    • Career knowledge and awareness
    • Transition planning for High School
    We look forward to a successful school year!
    Best Regards,
    Ms. Ryan & Ms. Perez