• welcome to second grade

    I feel so lucky to have your child in my class. 
    This will be a great year of learning and fun!

    2nd Grade Remote and Hybrid Learning Supply List 

    We are trying our best to anticipate supplies needed for various locations for learning.
    If you are unable to find disinfecting wipes, send them in whenever you are able. Please don't worry if you are unable to get them right away, we understand the difficulties in getting some supplies at this time. If you are unable to get a white board, you can put cardboard and a piece of white paper into a sheet protector to make an erasable surface. You can also use an old sock as a dry erase eraser.
    We are asking students to have timers in order to gain independence in knowing when to come back to the computer for instruction after lunch, snack or other independent work times.
    Please reach out to the school as soon as possible if your child requires a school issued chromebook in order to participate in remote or AM/PM learning.  
    Thank you! 

    All classrooms are nut-free. Please pack a separate nut-free snack for your child each day.
    All food brought in for second grade celebrations, must be prepared or store-bought food with clear ingredient labels.
    Thank you for your cooperation!
    Please check your child's green folder daily for assignments and important notes.  You can look at the Homework Routine Tips for some helpful ideas for starting a homework routine with your second grader.  
    **If math homework takes longer than 20 minutes, just make a note on the homework that you worked on it for 20 minutes and send it back with what was completed.   
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