• Welcome! My name is Mrs. Kristen Kumar and this is my 16th year in the Hastings on Hudson UFSD.  
    This is my second year as the Inclusion Facilitator.  This year I will be working at both FMS and Hillside.
    As Inclusion Facilitator, I:
    • Accommodate and modify curricular materials, assignments, and assessments through collaboration with general educators and special educators. 
    • Assist general educators and special educators to integrate IEP goals into curricular materials, assignments, and assessments for students with IEPs. 
    • Support the inclusion of students with IEPs in the general education learning environment through collaborative consultation with the instructional support team and families.
    • Establish meaningful access to the curriculum and independence for students with IEPs through collaboration with department chairpersons and grade level coordinators across the major content areas.
    • Provide professional learning to general educators, special educators, teacher assistants, and teacher aides on inclusive practices, universal design for learning, differentiation, program modifications, IEP accommodations, assistive technologies, testing accommodations.
    • Consult with related service providers (speech, OT, PT, counseling, behaviorist) to support inclusive practices.
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    Kristen Kumar
    Inclusion Facilitator
    27 Farragut Ave
    Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706