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         Welcome to my home page for grade six language arts (LA)!  It's hard to believe, but I started working in Hastings in 1998.  I taught for five years at Hillside Elementary School, and while I loved it, I wanted to stretch my wings and give Farragut Middle School a try.  Focusing on language arts in a middle school setting wound up being a good fit; it has been more than 16 years since I decided to "try" FMS.  
         During my years in Hastings, I have served on Building Leadership Teams, the early Diversity and then DSEL (Diversity-Social Emotional Learning) Committees, and Curriculum & Instruction Committees.  I was lucky enough to be part of the initial cohort to study PBIS years ago and the subsequent FMS committee which formed in order to lay the PBIS groundwork at FMS, including design of the "bee" mascot and original "Be Your Best" guidelines.  I have provided first-year mentorship to four FMS faculty members and am among the senior teachers of the sixth grade team.  Prior to teaching, I worked as a radio journalist and public relations executive.  My experiences in those capacities serve me to this day. 
         This year in language arts class, students will learn to choose appropriate print and digital sources, using reliable evidence to prove claims.  Through literature, nonfiction, group collaboration, and responsible risk-taking, students will exercise their critical thinking, listening, and communication skills.  Finally, we will challenge our assumptions as we work to understand the people around us and our own value as individuals.
    As of January 8, 2020:  Digital posting of homework will take place on Google Calendar.  Please invite your child to open the calendar through their account or while they are logged onto Google Classroom.  
         As always, unless a student is absent, students are directed to copy homework into their agenda books while in class.
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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

  • Tentative Syllabus

    Duquette, 6th Grade ELA   Tentative Syllabus


    • Social Guidelines for the Classroom
    • The Liberation of Gabriel King Summer Reading Unit: reflection writing, paragraph writing lessons, book discussions, current events tie-in discussions, social injustice mini-research
    • Poetry:  diamonte and/or biopoem
    • Vocabulary--related to summer reading
    • Punctuation


    • Story Elements Study
      • Short stories:  including His First Flight, Early Autumn, All Summer in a Day
      • Anchor Text:  The Crazy Man 
    • Figurative Language: metaphor, simile, personification
    • Poetry
    • Narrative writing
    • Vocabulary--related to short stories
    • Vocabulary quiz
    • Parts of Speech:  nouns, verbs, adjectives
    • Independent reading: book choice and weekly in-class reading time


    • Story Elements 
    • Figurative language and imagery:  personification, metaphor, simile, symbolism
    • Narrative writing
    • Vocabulary--related to short stories
    • Grammar and Sentence Structure
    • Parts of Speech:  nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs
    • Nonfiction:  Jr. Scholastic Magazine and lessons on article structures
    • Independent reading: weekly in-class reading time; book talks; time for monthly Padlet digital book response entries
    • “Senior Friends Day” cross-curricular interviews and writing


    • Historical Fiction unit
      • groups
      • book talks
      • supporting a written thesis/claim with sufficient evidence
    • Grammar and sentence strucutre
    • Figurative language and imagery
    • Poetry booklets  
    • Independent reading


    • Historical Fiction unit, continued
      • Group work:  historical fiction book talks; sharing of independent book “jobs”
      • Historical Fiction book test with essay
    • Grammar, punctuation, parts of speech, compound sentences
    • Poetry: booklets continued, lyric poetry 
    • Nonfiction
    • Independent reading


    • Poetry Focus: structure, inspired by Nikki Giovanni’s poetry; bio and autobio poems, tritina poems
    • Grammar:  Independent clauses, compound sentences, complex sentences
    • Nonfiction Study
      • Current events
      • Video, podcasts, print, online media
    • Independent reading 


    • Poetry Focus: pantoum, sestina, sonnet, or other
    • Grammar:  Subordinate clauses
    • Comma Quiz--using subordinate clauses
    • Nonfiction signpost: Extreme Language and others
    • Nonfiction Unit:  Research, including print, digital, podcast; choose a current events thesis; writing for persuasion, information, or argument; final paper
    • Invention Dimension (cross-curricular with social studies) highlighting and notes
    • Independent reading: weekly in-class reading time; book talks; Padlet


    • Continued from March
    • Invention Dimension (cross-curricular with social studies) notes and outline
    • Social Justice Unit: book groups, mentor text, discussions, writing activities


    • Social Justice Unit: book clubs, mentor text, final project
    • Invention Dimension (cross-curricular with social studies) final paper
    • Greek prefixes and mythology


    • Poetry presentations
    • Reflections and writing
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