I have been teaching science in Hastings since September 2000. My current subjects are Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Astronomy, and Disease and Society (a semester elective about infectious diseases).

    I am available for extra help or questions before and after classes and by appointment. You can find me in the Science Office (H307) or Room H305.

    What should you do to do well in my classes? I'm paraphrasing Jim Wright here:
    "Nothing too difficult. There is a mountain in Nepal. The flanks of the mountain are home to a thousand dread creatures who feast upon the living flesh of the unwary. On top of that mountain, twenty thousand feet above the valley floor, beyond the hanging glaciers and the lake of fire, is a temple guarded by an ancient order of warrior monks skilled in the art of war and death. In the center of the temple is a staircase that leads down into the granite heart of the mountain. There you will find a vault guarded by a dragon of such terrible power mere words cannot describe it, and no one has ever seen the beast and lived to tell the tale. The door to the vault can only be unlocked by solving Hilbert's Ninth Problem. Inside the vault are the answer keys to all my exams."
    Or you could see me for extra help, with questions and such.
    You know. Whatever is easier.
    I understand. You'll still be nervous, stressed, and anxious, like everyone else, so here's a picture of one of my cats:

  • “Morning.” – “What happened?” – “The big bang, dinosaurs, bipeds, and a mounting sense of futility.”   — From: Dr. Who “The Girl Who Died”

    Florian König
    Science Teacher
    Hastings High School
    One Mount Hope Boulevard
    Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706