• Being a 1998 graduate of Hastings UFSD I have spent much of my life dedicated to and influenced by the Hastings community.  I began my career in the Farragut Middle School teaching both Health and Physical Education.  After 4+ years as the district's Director of Athletics, I have now settled into the role as the Chairperson for Health and Physical Education.  I now teach High School Health and Physical Education as well as coach. 

    Current Courses:
       9-12 Physical Education
       9-12 Health Education
      SUNY Cortland
        Physical Education (K-12)
            Elementary PE
            Adapted Physical Education
      CUNY Lehman
        Health Education (K-12)
      Stonybrook University
        Advanced Certificate
        Building & District Leadership
        (expected graduation)
  • 2013 JV Softball Season
    Jesse Merchant
    Health & Physical Education Chairperson
    27 Farragut Ave.
    Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706
    (914) 295-3085