• The district’s School Health Services program supports your child’s academic success by promoting health in the school setting.
    As a district health office, we are mandated by the State of New York and the Department of Health on the required physical exams, dental exams, and health screenings done at various grade levels. Please note that there are resources available to further assist you in understanding how and when these mandates need to be satisfied.

    New 2021 Health Form
    New form is here.
    Beginning January 31, 2021 physical examinations for school are to be documented on the NYS REQUIRED HEALTH EXAMINATION FORM.  This is the only form that the health office can accept as per NYS. 
    Please note:  All students entering the school district for the first time and those in grades k, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 are required by NYS to have a current physical examination on file in the health office.  This form is required for all physicals that occur after January 31, 2021. 


    Please feel free to contact us.


    Hillside Elementary Health Office: (P) 478-6280; (F) 478-3795

    Gina Kowalski, RN - kowalskig@hohschools.org - 914-478-6280
    Patricia Feeney, RN - feeneyp@hohschools.org - 914-295-3935
    Leslie Cachoian - cachoianl@hohschools.org - 914-295-3155


    Middle/High School Health Office: (P) 478-6224 or 478-6225; (F) 478-6340

    Joanne Cipollina, RN – cipollinaj@hohschools.org – (914) 478-6225
    Donna Morin Doyle, RN – doyled@hohschools.org –  (914) 478-6224
    Tricia Chibbarochibbarot@hohschools.org – (914) 478-6226


    Health Forms 

    Health Certificate/Health Examination

    Parents and Prescribers Authorization for Administration of Medications in School

    Student Health History Form

    Dental Form

    Concussion Protocol Form B

    Meningococcal Vaccine for 7th & 12th Grade


    Care Plans: If your child has an allergy or asthma, please fill out the care plan below

    along with the Medication Administration Form and return it to the health office.

    Food Allergy

    Bee Sting Allergy

    Latex Allergy


    Seizure Emergency Care


    Body Mass Index Opt Out Letter for Parents


    *** Kindly note that permission for medication administration in school and

    care plans must be renewed with each new school year. ***