• Senior Alternatives 2019


    Combat senioritis:  Offer an internship to a Hastings High School Senior!


    Indifference to school?  Lack of enthusiasm for homework?  Preoccupation with thoughts after high school graduation?  Inability to focus on what parents or teachers are saying to them?  Have you seen these tell-tale signs of senioritis in high school seniors you know?  


    Fortunately, Hastings High School has a remedy!  Our Senior Alternatives Internship Program gives high school seniors in the last month of their K-12 experience the opportunity to explore careers, pursue interests, apply knowledge, and otherwise stay engaged intellectually...all the while they keep connected to school and peers.  Internships take many forms!  In past years students have learned professional and technical skills, tried out possible future careers, still explored the corporate world of advertising, publishing, and law, and even designed projects they have always wanted to try.


    While we have several terrific internships already lined up for our interns-to-be, we need your help in providing our students with a wide range of opportunities.  If you think you might be able to provide a meaningful experience to one of our students, we invite you to sponsor a student.  All kinds of internships are welcome:  business, government, education, the arts, construction trades, medical facilities, nursing homes, research, public relations, publishing, architecture--nearly every human pursuit imaginable will be entertained for consideration!


    Here’s how the program works:


    • Students are released from school from Monday, May 20, 2019 to Friday, June 14, 2019 for their internships.

    • They are required to work a minimum of 20 hours per week, generally over the course of four days in each week of the program.  Alternative schedules, however, can be arranged, depending on the type of activity involved.

    • Each student is assigned a supervising teacher at the high school, who will monitor his or her progress in finding and then participating in the internship.  The supervising teacher also stays in periodic contact with internship mentors.

    • During the internship, students are responsible for participating in an online forum where they share their experiences with four other classmates and respond to questions posed by the supervising teacher.

    • Supervising teachers will send out short weekly online questionnaires to internship mentors, asking for brief feedback about interns.

    • On Monday, June 17, interns present their Senior Alternative experiences at an Internship Fair where peers, underclassmen, and faculty are welcome


    If you’re interested in sponsoring an intern, here’s what will be expected of you:


    • Orient the intern to your agency or organization.

    • Meet with the intern regularly to review progress and performance.

    • Provide feedback to the supervising teacher periodically about the intern’s progress.

    • Respond to a brief e-mail questionnaire about the student’s attendance.

    • Complete an exit interview with the intern at the end of the internship.


    We would be delighted to have you become one of our mentors.  We will be posting a sign-up form online in January 2019.


    John Buchanan

    Senior Alternatives Coordinator