• Dear families,

    Thanks for your patience, as putting this schedule together took longer than expected while looking at various conflicts (sports, etc.).
    If you/your child has a recurring conflict and they are called for a rehearsal, we don't expect for schedules to be arranged until the week before tech week. Don't break your backs changing schedules before then, unless you really wish to do so!
    I imagine this will turn out to be a first draft of a schedule - you'll get a heads up if any changes arise. While I have worked to avoid Wednesdays and Fridays, we may need to add one or two of those to stay ahead. Please note that there are two TBD rehearsals - these are on early release days for parent/teacher conferences, and the schedule will largely depend on Mr. Riss' and Mrs. Ashby's schedules for those days. If you don't see a scene or song you're in accounted for on the schedule, there's a good chance we're thinking of going over it at one or both of the early release rehearsals.
    The link to the schedule is: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cTvrWr3UwJdz-4PBxw_nVuEmvHnpxN7jBEyyP_vtfh4/edit?usp=sharing
    Please let me know right away if there are any questions or concerns. Thanks, and have a great week!


    Sound of Music 2017 Cast List

    Thanks to all who auditioned! We are so excited to work with each and every one of you!

    Please check this cast list thoroughly. A few names are listed twice. If you auditioned and your name is not on the list, it is in error or because you weren’t at callbacks and I assumed you were no longer interested – touch base with me right away and I will put you in the cast!

    First rehearsal will be full cast on Thursday, October 12, 3:15-5:00, Middle School Auditorium. The full rehearsal schedule will go out as soon as possible.

    -Mr. Riss and Mrs. Ashby



    Cast (in order of appearance)

    Party guests, von Trapp servants and neighbors, contestants and Festival concert, nuns, novices, and postulants –
    Alexa, Frances, Eesha, Carolina, Bee, Xenia, Sabine H, Lucia, Yumay, Lauren, Julia M, Samantha, Miranda, Nuala, Sabine P, Diana, Kate, Ann, Amanda, Vivian, Cai, Anna, Ava

    Maria Rainer, a postulant at Nonnberg Abbey – Lily
    The Mother Abbess – Celia
    Sister Berthe – Isabella D-S
    Sister Margaretta – Maya
    Sister Sophia – Noa
    Captain Georg von Trapp – Liam P
    Franz, the butler – Conor
    Frau Schmidt, the housekeeper – Emma
    Liesl, age 16 – Stella
    Friedrich, age 14 – Sander
    Louisa, age 13 – Emilia
    Kurt, age 10 – Sam
    Brigitta, age 9 – Julia R
    Marta, age 7 – Isabelle F
    Gretl, the youngest – Gigi
    Rolf Gruber, age 17 – Luca
    Elsa Schrader – Aya
    Ursula – Julia M
    Max Detweiler – Mikey
    Herr Zeller – Liam S
    Frau Zeller – Ann S
    Baronesses Elberfeld – Sabine P & Sabine H
    A New Postulant – Bee
    Admiral von Schreiber – Vivian