• HSM Schedule as of Jan 20, 2020

    Format: Date - What is being worked on - Who and when

    *Please note that students with recurring conflicts are NOT expected to rearrange their schedules until the two weeks before the show (starting March 9)*


    Tue, Jan 21 - Music (We’re All In This Together, We’re All...Reprise, Megamix, Wildcat Cheer, Getcha Head in the Game) - Full Cast (3:15-4:30)


    Wed, Jan 22 - Music (What I’ve Been Looking For Reprise, Start of Something New, Breaking Free) - Ruby B. & Ben W. (3:15-4:00)


    Thu, Jan 23 - Music (What I’ve Been Looking For, Bop to the Top) - Hazel S. & Isaac (3:15-3:45)


    Mon, Jan 27 - Music and choreo (Stick to the Status Quo, Getcha Head in the Game) - Full Cast (3:15-5:00)


    Tue, Jan 28 - Blocking (Scenes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 17) - Ruby B., Ben W., Hazel S., Bowie, Frankie, Rosie, Isaac, Zelda (3:15-4:30)


    Thu, Jan 30 - Music and choreo (TBD) - Full Cast (3:15-5:00)


    Mon, Feb 3 - Review choreo - Full Cast (3:15-5:00)

    Tue, Feb 4 - Blocking (Scenes 1, 2, 16) - Full Cast (3:15-4:30)













    Thank you, all, for such great auditions. I know they were great because it was very hard to figure out this cast!


    First rehearsal will be a music rehearsal tomorrow, January 16 (Thursday) from 3:15-5:00 in the Middle School Auditorium. Congratulations to all!


    Ensemble, please check this cast list carefully, as each of you on here twice.



    HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL JR CAST (in order of appearance)

    Ensemble Cheerleaders: Norah D, Stella E, Amelia G, Giselle L, Haejong L, Ami M, Isla M, Sarah M, Matilda V, Bridget W


    Ensemble Jocks: Celia A, Chiyo C, Minah CP, Alexa D, Louise DB, Liam F, Olive F, Hazel K, Benjamin L, Janie L, Aya M, Sage W


    Ensemble Braniacs: Ella C, Genesis C, Jojo C, Teddy C, Elodie D, Emma D, Frankie DB, Simrin E, Liya F, Orly F, Juliette M, Josie M, Joana S, Olivia S, Sophia S, Sophie-Ellen S, Abby W, Gabriel W, Jay W, Ruby W, Eliana Z


    Additional Ensemble Features


    Thespians: Olive F, Sophia S, Alexa D, Juliette M, Louise DB, Minah CP, Jay W, Genesis C, Joana S, Josie M, Ruby W, Elodie D, Ella C, Emma D, Simrin E, Matilda V, Giselle L, Celia A, Chiyo C, Haejong L


    Drum Major                     Ms. Tenny             James             Susan              Cathy

    Janie L                           Frankie DB             Liam F            Olivia S            Ami M


    Cyndra                Martha Cox                  Rex Kratnoff                 Moderator                Solo 1

    Sophie-Ellen S     Jojo C                          Teddy C                       Norah D                   Amelia G


    Solo 2                    Solo 3            Solo 4            Duet 1                     Duet 2

    Bridget W               Hazel K          Sarah M         Stella E, Isla M         Benjamin L, Gabriel W


    Trio 1                                             Trio 2

    Liya F, Aya M, Abby W                      Orly F, Sage W, Eliana Z


    Chad Danforth           Taylor McKessie

    Bowie M                    Rosie D


    Troy Bolton               Jack Scott

    Ben W                      Reuben B


    Sharpay Evans           Ms. Darbus

    Hazel S                      Zelda W


    Ryan Evans                Coach Bolton

    Isaac V                      Ethan A


    Gabriella Montez          Kelsi Nielsen

    Ruby B                        Zoe V