• Rehearsal schedule as of Jan. 20 - all rehearsals 3:15-5:00 unless noted otherwise

    Tuesday, 1/22 Full cast - Choreography (Hakuna, ??) - 3:15-5:00
    Thursday, 1/24 Full cast - Music (Learn Stampede and Shadowland, review all else) - 3:15-5:00
    Friday, 1/25 Lionesses, Hyenas, Scar, Zazu, Mufasa, Simba, Rafiki - Blocking - Scene 2 (3:15-3:25), Scene 3 (3:25-3:40), Scene 4 (3:40-3:45), Scene 5 (3:45-4:05), Scene 6 (4:15-4:35), Scene 7 (4:35-4:40)
    Monday, 1/28 Full cast - Choreography and Blocking (Stampede/Mourning/Scene 8)
    Tuesday, 1/29 Choreography
    Wednesday, 1/30 TBA Vocal Coachings
    Thursday, 1/31 Choregraphy
    Friday, 2/1 Full company - Blocking - Scene 13 (3:15-3:35), Scene 9 (3:35-3:50), Scene 10 (3:50-4:05), Scene 12 (4:15-4:45)
    Monday, 2/4 Choreography with Mrs. Udice
    Tuesday, 2/5 Choreography
    Wednesday, 2/6 Full cast - strumble through on book
    Thursday, 2/7 Full cast - Choreography & Music Review - 3:15-5:00
    Friday, 2/8 Full cast - stumble through (off book if possible)


    Lion King Jr 2019 Cast List

    Thank you all for auditioning – while there were tough decisions to be made, I’m glad that everyone who auditioned will have the chance to be a part of the cast! This cast list was typed in a hurry so that you didn’t have to wait any longer – if there are any misspellings, incorrect alphabetization, or if your name isn’t on here – please email me so that I can correct the cast list. Ensemble groups (Lionnesses, Hyenas, etc.) will be assigned at choreography rehearsals.

    The first rehearsal will be Monday, Jan 14, from 3:15-5:00 PM in the Middle School Auditorium. We will spend that rehearsal learning music. I hope to have a full rehearsal schedule out by the weekend.

    Cast in order of appearance:


    Rafiki – Lily R 

    Ensemble – Tessa A, Jasmine A, Eri B, Sienna C, Anya H, Sofie K, Addie L, Sophia L, Madison M, Maggie M, Etan M, Adela M, Devin M, Vicky N, James P, Sophie P, Sarina P, Siri R, Griffin R, Stella R, Joseph S, Tavia S, Aoife S, Chole S, David S, Emmy S, Corina T, Roman Z

    Mufasa – Max B

    Sarabi – Maxine D (Also in Ensemble)

    Zazu – Beatrix T

    Scar – Zach P

    Simba – David F

    Nala – Carlin M 

    Sarafina – Eliza M (Also in Ensemble)

    Banzai – Jacob C

    Shenzi – Lexie S

    Ed – Sadie K

    Timon – Lola N

    Pumbaa – Francesca A