• Clubs & Activities


    Academic Challenge Team   Practice Thursdays after school until 4pm in Library Classroom


    The Academic Challenge Team competes against teams from regional schools in tournaments held on Saturdays, 8 to 10 times a year. Working together in teams, members respond to "rapid recall" questions based on general and academic knowledge at the high school level. Subjects include history, math, science, literature, art & music, as well as sports, current events, and pop culture. Anyone who likes Jeopardy or Trivial Pursuit will be comfortable.
    Faculty advisor: Michael Willson (willsonm@learn.hohschools.org
    Art Club meets every Tuesday at 2:45.
    Faculty advisor: Naomi Gilbert (Gilbertn@hastings.k12.ny.us)
    Amnesty International meets Tuesdays after school in room 225.
    AI is devoted to protecting, promoting and defending Human Rights around the globe.  The High School club serves these goals through film screenings, fund raising, and awareness events.  Popular events over the last few years include an Empty Bowls dinner to combat hunger and the Spring Jamnesty concert.
    Faculty advisor: Brad Hunt (huntb@hastings.k12.ny.us)


    Board Game Club -  meets Mondays at 3:15 PM in Room 221 

    Students meet once a week to learn and play startegic board games with one another.

    Faculty advisor: Alaina Ulrich (ulricha@hastings.k12.ny.us)

    Book Club meets Thursdays after school.

    Hastings High School book club seeks to foster students’ love of reading through reading for fun!  Books are collectively chosen by the group and a regular schedule is set to discuss the book as we read it.  Books are chosen from all genres and interests.  Students take turns leading each discussion and meetings are always complimented with baked goods.  We also have a Book Club Google Calendar to help plan and facilitate our meetings. 

    Faculty advisor: Greg Smith (SmithG@hastings.k12.ny.us)
    The Buzzer meets once every other week, on either Thursday or Monday.
    The Buzzer meets once a month for general meetings; the editors meet once every other week, on either Thursday or Monday.
    Faculty advisor: Ross Abrams (RossA@hastings.k12.ny.us)


    Chess Club meets Mondays after school in room 225.

    Chess Club is for both experienced and inexperienced players.  Weekly meetings are informal gatherings for chess enthusiasts of all levels. 

    Faculty advisor: Brad Hunt (huntb@hastings.k12.ny.us)
    Crossing Borders meets during lunch, approximately every other Tuesday.
    Faculty advisor: Ross Abrams (RossA@hastings.k12.ny.us)
    Cross Country Team meets Monday - Friday, 3:30 pm Reynolds Field

    Cross country running is both a team sport and individually driven. We try developing each runner to the their full potential. Along the way Cross Country allows athletes to learn a lot about themselves. Athletes are given the opportunity to deveop a hard work ethic, discipline, and the understanding that nothing you earn comes without working for it.

    Coaches: Molly Guifoyle (m.guifoyle73@gmail.com) and Dennis Kiely (kielyd@hohschools.org)

    Captain: Caroline Fogarty

    Environmental Club meets every Tuesday in Room 308.

    The environmental club meets on a weekly basis to discuss current issues and play an active role in increasing awareness of what students can do to protect our environment.  Some of our initiatives for the 2019-2020 school year are to promote participation in Meatless Mondays and recycling.  We will also work to raise awareness of solutions to climate change.  Past club members created a pollinator garden at the Zinsser Park Community Gardens where volunteers and observers are always welcome!

    Faculty advisor: Krista Munger (mungerk@hohschools.org)
    Film Club

    The film club is a student-run film group designed to create opportunities for students to write, plan, shoot, and edit their own films. Through creative activities and experimentation, we work on finding distinct visual voices to help the kids better capture their ideas onscreen. The finished products are screened and entered into competitions. 

    Faculty advisor: Peter Scotch (scotchp@hohschools.org)

    Officers: Sarah Westrich and Jiarui Hu

    Fitness Club meets in the Fitness Room     

    Background and Goals: Hastings High School has recently developed a growing fitness community with a high level of motivation. Our main goal by starting the Fitness Club is to make sure that members understand how to work out safely and how to push themselves to but not beyond their physical limits. Secondary objectives are to provide members with new, dynamic workout plans that will result in impressive changes, as well as guidelines to healthy eating that will supplement the workout plans by introducing sufficient amounts of protein and other essential components to the members’ diets.        


    Garden Club  meets Thursdays in room 225     

    Hastings High School is fortunate to have its very own garden on campus. With the help of a grant from the Hastings Education Foundation, the Hastings High School Garden Club constructed an enclosed, raised bed, vegetable garden on School Street. Club members till, plant, weed, water, and harvest the garden. Produce is enjoyed by club members, sold to raise "seed money" as well as donated to local families in need.

    Advisors: Brad Hunt and Tim O'Brien

    Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA)  meets Wednesdays after school in Room 227.
    Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) meets Wednesdays (dates vary) at 3:15 on Zoom The Hastings High School Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) is a student-run club, which provides a safe place for students to meet, support each other, talk about issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity and expression, and work to end heterosexism, homophobia, and transphobia.

    Faculty advisor: Jackie Correa (correaj@hohschools.org)

    Officers: Adin Dowling, Julia Gardner, & Arden Pochna

    Classroom Code: nsr7no7 

    Habitat for Humanity Meeting Time and Place: Meeting dates vary depending on our monthly build date. Students should listen to announcements
    for updates.
    The Habitat for Humanity club works closely with the Westchester branch of Habitat for Humanity. Our officers attend a monthly meeting with other Westchester schools where we sign up for one day each month to work on a local project. Students go to a Habitat site and do varying degrees of work. We have painted, demolished, planted gardens, organized a storeroom, built a shed and many other tasks!
    Faculty advisor:Melissa Shandroff (ShandroffM@hastings.k12.ny.us

    The Hastings High School Hudsonettes are a kick-line that performs at home football games and some soccer games in the fall.

    The Hudsonettes also perform at home basketball games in the winter. The squad is chosen at try-outs which are held in March of the previous year. 

    Practices are held during the summer and in the evening, once school begins.

    Captains for this year are:

    Julia Berman , Skylar Iosepovici, Samara Scharf

    Advisor: Nancy Gagliardi (19 years) (gagliardin@hohschools.org)
    Lacrosse - Boys (Fall) meets Tuesday Nights at 6pm
    Practice is Tuesday Night at 6pm in the Cochran Gymnasium or Lower Reynolds Field.  Depending on weather.

    Faculty advisor: Andrew Wendol (WendolA@hastings.k12.ny.us)
    Lacrosse - Girls Varsity (Spring)

    Girls lacrosse is a non-contact sport consisting of 12 players communicating and working together on the field to score goals. During practice we spend time working on individual skills (positioning, stick skills, endurance, etc.) as well as building a strong cohesive team. Team sports require strong positive relationships between players. We create these relationships within our team throughout the season by team bonding activities and captain practices.

    Coach: Christina Gagliardi (gagliardic@hohschools.org)

    Modified Girls Tennis Fall 2017 - meets Monday - Friday from 3:45 - 5:15 PM on the Hillside tennis courts

    Throughout the season we will be focusing on the forehand, backhand, and serve. We will be working on agility, speed, and positioning on the court. And we will be working on building consistency in our ground strokes, among other things. My goals are to make each student-athlete into a better tennis player, to build a positive team culture, and to ensure that everyone has fun this season.

    Advisor: Chase Grubman (chgrubman@aol.com)


    Outing Club   meets prior to scheduled hikes. Room: 304
    Outing Club is a mainly a hiking club.  We will take hikes approximately once a month to local areas of interest (within 1-2 hours of Hastings).  Hikes will be limited to the first 10-12 students who sign up (depending on number of drivers available).  Sign up for the hikes will be outside of 304. Announcements for upcoming hikes/meetings will be via Facebook, morning announcements and posters.  Students who are interested in being notified via Facebook should see Zev Kaufman, Alex Jaeger or Ben Torda (club officers).  Students attending hikes will need to contribute to gas/food expenses. 
    Faculty advisor: Dan Brownstein (brownstd@hastings.k12.ny.us)

    Photo Club

    Photo Club is for enthusiasts of photography, digital or analog. We are responsible for publishing our tri-annual photo zine, collecting and curating artwork from club members and the greater school community. We have taken field trips to the annual Photo Plus Expo at the Javitz Center in Manhattan, and the New York Botanical Gardens. We talk about photography as a medium and as a technology.

    We meet in room 201 on Tuesdays, starting at 3:15.
    President: Lili Perih
    Secretary: Lizzie Olsen
    Treasurer: Ruby Bouhassira
    Zine Editor-in-Chief: Adriana Cuibus
    Faculty Advisor: Cory Merchant (merchantc@hohschools.org)


    SADD Club - meets Tuesdays or Wednesdays during lunhc 2x per month in Room 306.

    SADD is the acronym for Students Against Destructive Decisions. SADD’s mission is to empower young people to successfully confront the risks and pressures that challenge them in their daily lives

    Faculty advisor: Deborah Thompson  (thompsond@hohschools.org)

    TV Studio Club

    TV Studio is a club that builds off the techniques and skills that have been taught in the TV  Studio class. Kids with experience in the field share with others who haven't been exposed to the studio what is required to successfully create a program, and together they work to build a show that best expresses the thinking of the group. 

    Faculty advisor: Peter Scotch (scotchp@hohschools.org)

    Officers: Ben Zion and Bruno Murphy

    Volleyball - Varsity  - Meeting Times: 3:30-5:30 in the Cochran Gym 

    Volleyball is a team sport that requires players to play as a team and rely on teammates to accomplish a common goal.  Athletes are taught the basics of the sport; passing, setting, serving and game play at the modified level and skills and strategy are advanced on the Junior Varsity and Varsity levels.

    Coach: Emily Kehoe (kehoee@hohschools.org)

    Captains: Zoe Grossman, Chiara Tarricone, Jen Caruso, Teresa Puthiyamadam


    Yearbook meets Tuesdays after school in the Mac lab.
    Faculty advisor: Michael Duff (duffm@hastings.k12.ny.us)