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                              Halloween Monthly Happenings

    Things to do/Questions to ask:

    • Play: Rhyming word games.
    • Play: ABC and number games – pen and paper – you say a letter/number your child writes it. When they get ten correct – a little treat for a reward is always motivating.
    • Play – “Guess my Word” – Say – I’m going to say three sounds. Listen and see if you can guess the word. Below are some words you can use. You can also have them say the sound as they write the letter. Then they will be writing words!!
    • Have your child illustrate a picture of one thing they did over the weekend and encourage him/her to write a sentence about it. Have them bring it into school to share with the class.Content: Nursery Rhymes       Optional Projects:
    • Have your child choose their favorite nursery rhyme and be creative…
    • This month we will continue to study Nursery Rhymes. In class, we are reciting and learning new vocabulary words as we introduce new and old nursery rhymes. Our discussions allow children the opportunity to share their thinking about the nursery rhymes as well as identify characters and sequence the events in each rhyme. We are doing many activities that focus on rhyming words, patterns and pairs. Rhyming is a very important skill for young readers!!
    • Draw a picture illustrating the nursery rhyme
    • Make a puppet of the character/characters in the nursery
    • Create your own nursery rhyme
    • Create a book of rhyming pairs



              During the month of October, we are learning how to decompose numbers 1-5. We will also be focusing on analyzing objects that are different and similar. We are also focusing on counting objects in scattered configurations.








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