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The children are really enjoying the our Five Senses unit!  We have been discussing our five senses and how they can keep us safe on the playground (e.g. our sense of hearing allows for us to hear the whistle to come inside after recess).  This has been a very “hands-on” unit where we have been exploring with a variety activities such as feely bins for learning the sense of touch and a “Taste Museum” where we will use our senses to describe some different foods (sweet, sour, salty and bitter).

We have also started a new unit in math and will be working on exploring measurable attributes of objects such as length, weight and volume in a very hands-on way.  We have been comparing a variety of objects to see which object has “more of” or “less of” the attribute and the children have been describing the difference.  We have also been identifying whether the number of objects in one group is “greater than,” “less than,” or “equal to” the number of objects in another group by using matching and counting strategies.  Wow, all this amazing math in Kindergarten!


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