Welcome to 1st Grade!  


    First grade is FANTASTIC!  This past month, our children are have settled into their new classrooms beautifully and are learning to make new friends, sing songs and learn new classroom routines. 

    We have started our first unit in Reading Workshop, “Building Your Reading Toolbox.”  This unit focuses on setting up structures and routines that are the foundation for this year’s work. In the upcoming weeks, students will practice good habits for starting a book, staying with a book and finishing a book.  They will be immersed in reading and rereading so that these actions become lifelong habits.  We will also begin our work to model and practice meaningful conversations so that their thinking begins to grow.

    Our first math unit is underway and focuses on sums and differences to ten.  Students love trying to beat their score as we practice fluency in our sprints, as well as, using whiteboards to show thinking as application problems are solved.  In our first topic in Module 1, students focus on counting on which leads to decomposing and composing numbers.  

    As we wrap up our first unit in content, “Fables,” students have enjoyed listening to stories such as, “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” “The Goose and the Golden Egg” and an all-time favorite, “The Little Half-Chick” (Medio Pollito).  Valuable discussions were had around the moral of each story and how they relate to our own lives. 







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