Welcome to 1st Grade!  


    This past month, our first grade readers are working hard at learning strategies for problem solving, overcoming challenges and persevering while reading.  The primary focus of this unit includes word solving, fluent reading and retelling. Students use knowledge of word parts and known words, check their own reading by asking themselves questions when they read, and build greater fluency as they reread texts multiple times.

    In writing, our students have completed their work involving pattern books.  Many students enjoyed this unit that allowed them to explore various ways to make their patterns exciting, using seesaw patterns and by adding a twist to their writing.  Our next unit will focus on “Adding Trouble” where children will learn to craft personal narratives and then have fun by asking themselves, “What if….”

    After we return from Thanksgiving break, we will begin our new unit in math.  Module 2 introduces students to place value through addition and subtraction within 20. Students will be introduced to more efficient counting on strategies and will learn to solve problems with three addends.




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