Welcome to 1st Grade!

First graders have started a study of Animals and Habitats.  During the next couple of weeks, they will take a closer look at the animals and plants of the Arctic Tundra, Sonoran Desert, Amazon Rainforest, Temperate Deciduous Forest, Ocean and Freshwater Habitats. Here, students will learn about the interdependency of all living things and will recognize different plants and animals as being indigenous to specific habitats.  We look forward to showcasing our learning in our upcoming Discovery Museum on May 18th. Teachers have sent home a “Save the Date” with specific times. Please be sure to mark your calendars!

     As writers, our students are learning how to write persuasive pieces. During this study, students are learning the difference between fact vs. opinion and have been exposed to wonderful mentor text such as Red is Best, I Wanna Iguana, I Wanna New Room to help us learn the structure of this writing.  Students are using their understanding to draft and publish their own pieces.  

    Our current math unit is coming to an end.  Students have worked on understanding place value as tens and ones and represent how numbers change by using quick ten drawings, the number bond way or arrow notation.  Our next unit will focus identifying, composing and partitioning shapes.


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