Second Grade

May 15, 2017

     We are in full swing with our work with the mealworms.  Each student has his/her own mealworms to observe and care.  Over the course of the next several weeks we will observe their life cycle and learn about the process of metamorphosis.

     In tandem with our work with the mealworms, the students are learning about various insects through class lessons and reading group work.  Students will begin a research project about one particular insect in the near future.  The students will use several resources to gather information regarding their chosen insect.  After the research, the students will display their knowledge.  Parents will have the opportunity to view the results of the students' research at the end-of-year gathering in June.
     Our math work in the current unit has encompassed graphing (picture and bar graphs) and money.  The second portion of the unit returns to measurement.  Earlier in the year we worked with measurement in the metric system.  This unit focuses more on the customary system, including inches, feet and yards.  Our final unit in June will cover geometry and fractions. 
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