• Welcome to Third Grade!
    Respect, Courage, Curiosity

    Third graders have gotten off to a fabulous start in this first month of school! We have started our first mathematics unit: Properties of Multiplication and Division. Children are learning various strategies to learn their 2, 3 and 4 multiplication facts. They are using math vocabulary such as factors and products, and unknown factors and divisors. They are practicing with arrays and tape diagrams to solve multiplication and division problems.



    In ELA we have launched our classroom libraries, and children are eagerly choosing books to read independently. They are discussing their books with their reading partners. Our current unit focuses on reading,thinking and talking about nonfiction books. We conduct daily mini lessons to work on various strategies to strengthen our reading skills. In writing, students have begun writing in their writer’s notebooks. We reviewed various writing skills and now the students are using their notebooks to grow their writing, as they learn to share their life experiences with their audience.

    Our Third Grade social studies theme is, “How does WHERE you live affect HOW you live?”. To begin learning about the world, learned about geography. This includes learning about the continents, oceans, as well as latitude and longitude through books, readings and song.  We are now studying our first country - China.


    We were able to visit the “Physics Bus” and experiment with bubblemakers, rocket launchers, and static electricity, to name a few activities. THANK YOU PTSA for your support of this engaging program!



    Some Useful Third Grade Resources
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