Welcome to Third Grade!

To celebrate the successful completion of our ELA/Science unit on Frogs, third graders participated in our fourth annual “Great Frog Race”.  Each class raced plastic frogs across the small gym floor. The top three racers from each class then participated in a final race.  Everyone enthusiastically cheered on the racers, and a good time was had by all.

Our new math unit is our “Multiplication and Area” module.  This unit will continue our work with multiplication, as students explore area as an attribute of two-dimensional figures and relate it to their prior understandings of multiplication.

In ELA, students are learning about theme in fiction stories to help them become stronger readers.  They ask themselves:  How did the main character grow or change throughout the story?  What life lesson can the reader take away from the story?  Teachers are reading books to the class such as: Imogene’s Last Stand (perseverance), Officer Buckle and Gloria (cooperation), and Rechenka’s Eggs (kindness). Each week students are reading fiction stories in guided reading groups to strengthen strategies that help them identify, and learn about, various themes.  They are writing to analyze and explain  themes they notice, and how they relate to their own lives.

Each class had a special guest reader come in to read one of his favorite books - Mr. Johnson!  His use of special voices for each of the characters added to the fun of listening to the story.
Some Useful Third Grade Resources
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