• Welcome to 4th Grade!

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    4th Grade

    In math, we have begun our unit on fractions. 4th graders are learning terms such as numerator, denominator, unit fraction, and equivalency. As we move ahead, we will also be learning how to add, subtract, and compare fractions, as well as convert improper fractions to mixed numbers.


    In language arts, we have completed our second unit on Thinking Deeply About Characters. Now we are ready to begin our 3rd unit of study, Synthesizing Ideas Across Nonfiction Texts. Students will learn why and how people read nonfiction, and will also learn to gather information about a topic from various sources to synthesize information. Of course, fourth graders are still encouraged to read and enjoy fictional books, but now they will have an additional lens to view their growth and development in language arts.


    In social studies, we are just about ready to write our Dutch letters. We have taken many notes about life in New Amsterdam and about “Old Silver Leg,” Peter Stuyvesant. The students were so excited to tea stain paper in order to make their letters look as authentic as possible.


    In Science, we are continuing to learn about living things. 4th graders are learning about the life cycles of both plants and animals and how they grow.

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