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POHL Attributes, Goals, and Action Steps

The Hastings Commitment:

  • To inspire exploration and experimentation
  • To unleash natural enthusiasm for learning and growth
  • To invite unconventional and courageous thinking
  • To cultivate equal parts confidence and compassion
  • In order to expand what one sees as possible for themselves, the community, and society.


Bold, Collaborative, Empathetic, Empowered, Inquisitive, Inventive

6 goals of the POHL

Attribute Icons Design Credit:
Student Angelina Ye, POHL Logo Design Credit: Student Maximilian Dodziuk


Elianna Carvalho, Erik Ghalib, Sonya Lasser, and Barney Smith, student leaders and members of the Portrait's Action Planning Team, share how Hastings is imagining and delivering on key areas of Portrait.



  1. We will nurture a community of diverse thinkers who actively create and participate in a just and compassionate society.
  2. We will foster authentic learning experiences that cultivate passion, aspiration, and action.
  3. We will honor individuality while respecting our shared humanity.

Action Steps:

  1. Enhance authentic learning opportunities, including interdisciplinary lessons/units. 
  2. Provide an advisory-like opportunity to support Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and students’ sense of belonging.
  3. Develop a community charter around behavioral expectations & Restorative practices.