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A Core Team (representative of all stakeholders) will be responsible for learning (current research and projections); reflecting and discussing the needs and aspirations of the district; crafting the Portrait; designing the goal statements that will be the guideposts for the next body of work; examining models in other districts; crafting the actions needed to advance the identified work areas. Action plans will be crafted for an 18-month block of time so that they are specific, realistic, attainable, and easily communicated to all. At the 16-month mark, action plans will be revised to extend to another block of 18 months of work.

The work of a representative core team will be informed by surveys, focus groups, and feedback loops. Surveys will be specifically designed for each stakeholder group and will mirror the information needed to address the district’s essential questions.

Work with focus groups will “test” survey results to affirm, clarify, and/or expand upon the learnings from the surveys.