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What Do We Mean by Portrait of a Hastings Learner?

Porttraint of a hastings learner

What do we mean by "Portrait of a Hastings Learner"?

Great learning organizations are forward leaning. They anticipate the actions needed to meet current and future demands and they are aspirational in their planning. The success of a great school district, consistently over decades, is based on the constant building of capacity; the accurate assessment of “where we’ve been, where we are, and where we are going”; and the coherence with which goals are pursued and achieved.

Hastings-on -Hudson has a solid foundation on which to build. It is essential for the district to develop a well-coordinated framework for the district’s next level of work. Portrait of a Hastings Learner will serve as the cornerstone for all aspects of the district’s future K-12 work - instruction, co-curricular; professional development; fiscal planning; classroom design; recruitment and hiring; and evaluation and tenure processes.

The Portrait applies to all students in K through 12. Together, the Hastings community of learners will strive to embody the essential characteristics, skill sets, and mindsets described in the Portrait as the district aligns all work to support each child.