• The Selectones are selected by audition. All FMS students who sing in their grade level chorus (7th & 8th Grade Chorus or 5th & 6th Grade Chorus) are welcome to audition. Rehearsals are held on Monday nights, 6:15-7:15 PM in the Middle School Auditorium.


    Concert dates are Tuesday, December 18, 2018; Tuesday, February 5, 2019; Thursday, May 9, 2019; and Wednesday, May 22, 2019. For all concerts, call time is 6:15 PM in the HHS Auditorium. Attire is usually either a black dress or dressy black and white separates (white top, black from waist down including shoes and socks/tights), dark tie if wearing a collared button-down shirt. If a student does not have an item in their wardrobe already, please do not go shopping - let me know what your child already owns and we'll work things out with what they already have!