The rehearsal schedule is still being worked through for the remaining weeks - will be finished in the next 2-4 days.

    For this coming week:

    Monday, 9/16: Full Cast, 4:15-5:15, Music (finish initial work)

    Tuesday, 9/17: Full Cast, 3:15-5:00, Choreography (76 Trombones), Music (review of vocal music)

    Wednesday, 9/18: Conductor, Salesmen, Charlie, Harold. Mayor, Boy, Alma, Ethel, Quartet, Marian, Mrs. Paroo, Amaryllis, Winthrop, Eulalie, Constable, Gracie, Maud, Tommy, Zaneeta, Mrs. Squires, Women 1&2, 4:15-5:45, Table Work (entire show)

    Thursday. 9/19: Conductor, Salesmen, Newspaper Readers, Charlie, Harold, 3:15-4:00, Music Review and Blocking (Scene 1); Marian, Harold, Mrs. Paroo, Amaryllis, Winthrop, 4:05-5:00, Blocking and Music (Scenes 3-4)

    Friday, 9/20: Full Cast, 3:15-5:00, Music Review and Blocking (Scene 2)



    Dear all,

    As usual, you blew me away at auditions, and I am incredibly excited to work with each of you. Congratulations! The cast list below is listed by feature only - most (though not all) of you are also funtioning as the Ensemble. There are one or two short movement features that will be assigned later.

    First rehearsal will be a sing through of music tomorrow, (Tuesday, September 10) 3:15-4:30 PM in the middle school auditorium. Again, congratulations!


    Cast (in order of appearance)

    Conductor - Caitlin H

    Salesman #1 - Clara B

    Salesman #2 - Jack

    Salesman #3 - Nitin

    Salesman #4 - Harin

    Salesman #5 - Johanna

    Newspaper Reader #1 - Mathias

    Newspaper Reader #2 - Caitlin T

    Newspaper Reader #3 - Qameryn

    Charlie Cowell - Spencer

    Harold Hill - Erik

    Mayor Shinn - Miles

    Boy - Emma

    Alma Hix - Kate

    Ethel Toffelmier - Qynadi

    Farmer - Tyler

    Farmer’s Wife - Sabina

    Jacey Squires - Jasper

    Olin Britt - Horace

    Oliver Hix - Leon

    Ewart Dunlup - Oscar

    Marcellus Washburn - Oliver

    Marian Paroo - Caitlin G

    Mrs. Paroo - Ciara M

    Amaryllis - Julia

    Winthrop Paroo - Benny

    Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn - Kalana

    Constable Locke - Will

    Gracie Shinn - Oona

    Maud Dunlop - Norah

    Tommy Djilas - Charlie

    Woman # 1 - Maria

    Zaneeta Shinn - Sophia

    Pick-A-Little Ladies - Anelise, AnQi, Elianna, Katie, Mabel, Maya, Shoam

    Mrs. Squires - Sienna

    Woman # 2 - Anna